learn or teach
a language online

learn or teach
a language online

Language learning and teaching made easy and meaningful.

DJ Tanja La Croix learning Greek with Panos Papachristos

Soccer Player Leonardo Bertone learning French with Patrice Choffat

Live lessons with a native tutor

loquilove offers the most effective way to learn or teach a language: one-to-one, in person, live and interactive. On the loquilove app you interact just like you are used to on skype or your mobile device.

You can select tutors or students based on their ratings, skill levels and their personal profiles.

Taking a lesson will be just as easy as calling an Uber as the app offers convenient search, scheduling, rating and payment tools and options. You will even find a handy dictionary on loquilove.

Self learning

loquilove will offer engaging and fun applications and games for you to learn a language individually. These applications will complement the live lessons and will be for free. This is especially convenient for beginners to build vocabulary and get a first feel for a language.

Improve teaching skills

As not all tutors on loquilove will be professional teachers - there will be different levels of tutors that students can choose - loquilove provides tutors helpful support materials and engaging exercises that will help less experienced tutors get comfortable in their new role.

Select and follow projects you support

Depending on the way you engage on loquilove, you can select the education projects you wish to support. You can follow them and will get regular updates about their progress. Moreover you will have the opportunity not just to support them through the app, but to maybe even visit them offline.

Blog, connect, exchange, share, donate

You can tell your story on our blog (will soon be live), participate in discussions, develop and share content and simply connect with and follow loquilove members from around the world. If you are not interested in learning a language but still want to contribute and be part of our community, that’s cool with us. You can simply donate to the loquilove projects.