learn or teach
a language online

learn or teach
a language online

Easy, effective and meaningful language learning and teaching.

Online live tutoring

With online one-on-one live tutoring, loquilove offers the most effective and convenient way to learn or teach a language. And as the tuition of CHF 15 is donated to an education project, it is also the most meaningful way!

Our app recommends best-fitting teachers to students and offers convenient scheduling of lessons which are held on Skype (we are working on an integrated video chat). So, basically all you need to do is

  • sign up for loquilove,
  • schedule a lesson on the app and
  • hold the lesson on Skype.

Your benefits on loquilove


Progress your language skills and support education projects in developing countries.

  • You can buy packages of 5, 10 or 15 lessons
  • You get 15 lessons online live tutoring for only CHF 225
  • Your tuition is donated to education projects you choose (10% go to loquilove - also an education project)
  • During the pilot phase, you can learn English and German on beginner and intermediate level

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Experience the joy of teaching on loquilove and supporting education projects in developing countries.

  • With each lesson, you send a kid to school in Tanzania or secure a monthly wage of a person in Rwanda
  • You improve your student's language skills
  • You get the awesome feeling of doing good
  • You get to know likeminded people

The more lessons you give to the same student, the more the student will profit from your teaching and the more good is done. During the pilot phase, we are mainly looking for English and German teachers.

Please click here for more information. If you are a student from a university click here.

DJ Tanja La Croix learning Greek

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