Questions & Answers

What drives us to build loquilove?

We want to build a business around something that people care about and love to do which at the same time is meaningful to the world and has a positive impact on society. The business model of loquilove allows us exactly to do that as it has "love" in its core, is scalable enough to be impactful and people will simply love to engage with.

Having grown up in Switzerland, a small multilingual country, of course we are passionate about languages and curious about cultures which makes us ourselves the perfect users of our language app with a good cause at its core.

Why do we connect language learning with doing good?

Language learning (the «loqui» part) is linked very closely to getting to know new cultures and developing an understanding and care for these cultures. By pairing language learning with doing good (the «love» part), loquilove offers a way to apply your language skills, dive into new cultures and learn about the cultures through the projects you support.

This support is conveniently integrated on loquilove (no further need to search an appropriate foundation, operate payments, check news etc.). Besides, you have the possibility to donate time (no cash needed to do good) and be part of our community.

What are education projects we will support?

With the donations generated through live tutoring, we support education projects in developing countries. These donations will improve children's perspectives through better access to basic education and will create jobs by training entrepreneurs how to improve their businesses.

For the implementation of these education projects we collaborate with two highly reliable and well respected Swiss foundations:

You will be able to choose from a specific selection of projects you want to support.

What distinguishes us from other language apps?

We have embedded a good cause in the core of our business model. With every single engagement on loquilove, you automatically do something meaningful.

Through generous tutors and by taking advantage of country price level differences and the effectiveness of an online app, the tuition for online live tutoring with a native speaker is very small or even free. In addition to that we plan to provide everything besides live tutoring (for example self tutoring applications) for free.

So who wouldn’t want to use a more meaningful product at an even lower price?

What also differentiates us from other language apps is the way you engage. We want you to connect with people around the world and to immerse yourself in new cultures - not just to learn a language. So creating a community about what matters to you is another differentiator of loquilove.

How can we offer it for free or very affordably?

We work with tutors that offer live-tutoring for free, to support less privileged individuals. In addition to that, we take advantage of country price level differences: we match first world country students with developing country tutors and utilize price level differences. This allows us to offer students one-on-one live tutoring sessions at a very low price while still offering a tutor a decent tuition that just may change his/her life. Taking a small fee of the already very low tuition, allows us to develop self-study and tutoring tools that you can use for free.

What is the level of tutors?

Tutors will select the level they want to teach based on their background and education. Tutors will get ratings from their students according to their teaching level. We distinguish between the following tutor levels:

  • Certified native tutors (for certified language teachers)
  • Academic native tutors (for tutors with an university education)
  • Native tutors (any native person)

In addition to the tutor level, you will be able to select tutors based on particular fields of interest and language topics (e.g. travel, sports or business).

What level do students need to have?

We offer tools and tutors for students of any level (from beginner to advanced). You can tailor your sessions and maximize your learning progress by using the different self-study tools and choosing tutors that match with your language level.